Sunday, December 10, 2017

Which Reminds Me

Maybe you could explain to us about this secret deal that you made with the backstabbing traitors of ORU Hell, steered by that celebritous drunk driver. I personally could not care less about ORU. Those people are not our friends. They just want to win at any cost, even if that means killing us, so obviously that is not going to work for me.

What reasonable dialogue could I possibly have with this wicked Mr. Samuel-Wray-Longwell-Riffle-Raffle? He was sentenced to a year in the San Francisco jail for unloading the vault in dramatic style, and yet who knows if he actually spent time in jail or got off on some technicality.

Not to be confused with Dr. Riffle's friend Earl, who did time at Sing-Sing on other charges. Not to be confused with Earl, Cousin Mildred's husband.

I am confused now. What are you saying, that I should pay the penalty for Samuel's criminal activities? Who is on trial? What are you asking? No, you didn't ask, you just jumped to conclusions without double-checking your facts, never producing the missing paperwork. So what? Why should we care about obscure events of 1950?

Which Reminds Me

Yes, I know, you just think that my whole life is a huge joke.

Even so, for the sake of continuing the scripted routine:

Why is this wonton Rowing bimbo always screaming in my face? I didn't even know these people existed. Helen who? Harvey who? Yes, you can win by lies and deceits and/or conceits, obviously, but you cannot really keep that forever. Did you really win the game or did you just kick the can down the road? They will catch you eventually if you cannot find a way to get off your high horse voluntarily, even if I may not live long enough to see that. I sometimes think I hear echoes of Cindy Hurd's wicked butt sizzling on the grill. Was she your third cousin or something? Since when do I have to show my report card to the trashy Herd bimbos of Michigan? I have no connection to Michigan. Does not compute.

Anyway, it is not my fault that Stephanie sold herself a slave of the stupid Rowing Machine. Row row row. It never stops until death do us part, as the saying goes. And why should I waste my talents on some cheapskate junky low-class Montgomery Ward department store? They went out of business long ago. You have your place although I cannot say that I was even aware of your existence until recently, and even so, why should I care about that? What is wrong with you? Why are you so worked up into a frothy wrath about nothing? The Bible tells me to keep my eyes on the prize of the high calling of God. I don't take my orders from some wicked Rowing Machine bimbo. Needless to say

Friday, December 8, 2017

Which Reminds Me

Yes, I vaguely remember that during my first year of college at SCC there was some person named Vanessa who lived down the hall, on the same floor. She was a horribly wicked nightclubbing type of person, totally out of place in our Christian college. What is this snarky Vanessa doing at our college. She doesn't belong here.

Which Reminds Me

Yes, I vaguely remember having made the acquaintance of some Moore people, but I haven't seen them for nearly 30 years now. After they so cruelly stabbed me in the back, it would be hard for them to come back around pretending to still be friends of mine. The double-crossing of Joy is too public now for them to continue the dissimulation so there is nothing further that I would need to say about that. I have other things to do than worry about than those insignificant former acquaintances.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Which Reminds Me

Oh, thanks! So now we all have to sit here and listen to the mediocrities of caterwauling Dana Heinriks because she is so aggressive. But Johnny died quite a while ago so Dana will have to find herself another booking agent because nobody else really cared enough to do that.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Which Reminds Me

The last time I saw Lois was several years ago, she was here at our house and the only thing that she talked about that I can recall is how she was carrying on about how she wanted to stop somewhere to buy a douche. Strange, but then again Lois is sort of weird.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Which Reminds Me

And why should I be required to eat the vomitings of those filthy Mexican "Bueno" pigs? Stay in your own Mexican pig sty, you worthless "Bueno" pigs. It is a very long way down to Mexico. Yes, that might be something to think of, although I had never thought of saying that, but not a Christian message that anyone would allow to be broadcast on their channel, probably. We must have pity and compassion upon these alien Mexican creatures even though we would prefer not to be contaminated by their unexplained mental aberrations.