Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Which Reminds Me

Yes, what inhuman person does not feel sorry, is not moved with compassion at the sight of these poor people, hungry and half naked, tummies extended, hands outstretched to grasp and take whatever they can get? The lowly ice cream vendor is just a poor guy trying to make a living, just like everyone else. So why all this ridiculous ranting from those Democratic party activists who only care about stuffing the ballot box in their own party favors? Yes, there is good question to ask, although I do not have the answers. Don't ask me. I don't know anything about that.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Which Reminds Me

I do not recall myself ever asking for the "top shelf" job. However, all of these people having abdicated their responsibility to explain that I don't want that, and didn't ask for that, I must of necessity fill in the blanks for those who forgot to do their homework and don't seem to understand about the avoidance of temptation as being the preferred route, in other words, to walk the extra mile rather than pick a fight. Needless to say. So please allow me to make my preferred choice to walk silently away and thus to avoid a war of words with you because I really only care about myself getting to heaven eventually. I really don't care that much about visiting the City of Dis with you, thanks anyway.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Which Reminds Me

I never was involved in any presidential campaign, so it is hard for me to understand all this chatter about presidential campaigns. The one time that I called to volunteer my services, the party did not want me. Ok, so, fine, I can take a clue. I am a registered Independent now. Parties are not my friend. Parties are political machineries that have their job to do, but apparently I don't fit in their schemata. There is no place for my in the Party Animal zoo. Ok, fine. I can take a hint. So why all this beating on a dead horse? I really don't see the point.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Which Reminds Me

Yes, I vaguely remember that during high school one day, maybe in a class or a study hall, Kathy gave a speech about how when she gets home from school she shuts herself in her room to be alone for some time and to get away from all the noise of her large and busy family of numerous siblings.

Yes, and who doesn't need to spend some time alone, thus to shut out the siblings? There was nothing unusual or special about that. Everybody probably has the same idea. We all need to spend time alone sometimes, although maybe not always.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Which Reminds Me

Yes, sometimes I think that I hear in the distance Heather's various cats and dogs making a loud ruckus: Arf! arf! arf! They never really talk to me. They are performing in a show for the benefit of someone else, obviously not me, and they really do love having this opportunity to vent their utter contempt of me. Oh, they work for the U.S. government? What a lovely thought, my own country despises me that much.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Which Reminds Me

Probably many people know by now that my grandmother's name was Esther.

It takes quite a bit more digging to figure out that her mother, our great-grandmother Mary, had a stepsister also named Esther, of whom nothing is known, just a name on a genealogy chart, or is that a research mistake, how did those unrelated people get attached to our family tree, not someone that we ever had any contact with. I really would not know anything about that. I didn't do anything. Who on the planet has ever heard of "Trust" magazine?

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Which Reminds Me

Yes, how odd, I am suddenly reminded that my grandmother's name was Esther. Yes, I seem to remember that she had a record that was a dramatized narration of the Bible book of Esther, which she played for us. She also had an autoharp which she played on occasion, singing songs for the children in her Sunday School class.

How odd that you would be asking about that.