Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shameless Racism

I was talking to Trina Tinker and she was asking me why I was not taking advanced science classes and I said something about how I did not feel comfortable taking that from a Hispanic male teacher. So yes, that was a very racist thing for me to say, something about how I did not want a Hispanic man teaching me, I am not sure exactly how I said it. Anyway, nothing personal against any particular teacher, all of our school's teachers were very good, but it was bad enough being hated in biology by a white teacher for being a redhead. How much worse could it be in chemistry, especially when I only got a B in biology anyway so obviously I am never going to shine in science. Besides, it is so annoying to be used by the Hispanics as a pawn in their racial warfare against white people. Ha! I know what they are doing, pretending to be the victims of white people when actually it is or can potentially be the other way around and we could potentially end up as their slaves, but no one else seems to care so whatever.


I really have nothing to say about the theater, meaning of course Jan McArt's dinner theater in nearby Boca Raton. My editor Steve talked about them a lot and seemed to have some connections there and might have written some things for them but I do not know anything about that. I am really not interested in that type of theater.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


During my first year at SCC in Costa Mesa, Calif., I sang a duet with, I think her name was Becky Olsen. It was a song by Felix Mendelssohn. Becky seemed to have dropped out of college during the first year possibly to get married and I never saw her again. I do not know what happened to Becky. So why this bizarre rant about Felix Mendelssohn? We are talking about 19th century people who are now dead, very dead, and anyway it was only a song, an assigned song. That would be like Miss Pilarinos of Louisiana ranting about Abraham Lincoln. Why get so puffed up and peeved about people who lived so long ago and things that you cannot change and maybe were not so bad? Mendelssohn is not even a part of our history here in the United States. It is all about Poland and Germany and all those places that we Americans left behind a long time ago for something better than to live off the laurels of a faded 19th century European glory. Anyway, it is all just a matter of history. It has a place in the history books but really it should not be confused with current events, hopefully.


Yes, the City Hall receptionist always seemed to have something to tell the reporters who stopped by City Hall to pick up the agenda packet for the next City Commission meeting. Usually she was not very specific but she seemed to have the pulse of something going on around there, something about the chaotic environment of activists warring with city commissioners. Her precise connection to the activists was not clear to me yet she seemed to be speaking their language. It was usually nothing that you could quote word for word and anyway how authoritative would it sound to quote the city hall receptionist who has no power? Not very. Yet as they tell you in journalism school, we always should pay at least some attention to the little people as well for they also have stories to tell and I am sure there is a lot more to her story than I told. I am sure that I only scratched the surface of that. Stories are not told only by people who are in positions of power. I might have explained this to my editors Steve Ricci and Rick Haydan. Anyway, they wanted to know who was the source of a certain reference and so I told them.


Yes, that was very strange. I was interviewing the candidates for mayor and Mr. Danciu, when speaking to me one-one-one, said with an ominous tone that he knows what I am doing and that he is going to do something about it. It was rather scary. He cursed me. And what was that supposed to mean. All I did was report what he said. Sorry if I could not get him elected mayor again but times had changed and people were no longer interested in that. I seriously doubt that my stories although were the cause of his political fortunes waning. I really do not know what his problem was but I don't think that I deserve this curse. After all, I am not the City Hall receptionist. I am not sure what she was doing but I was only the reporter.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Do NOT Stink

Obviously you have me confused with that other reporter who preceded me, the one who I was hired to replace. Veronica told me about her serious personal hygiene problem, that you could not help but smell her stench when within a talking distance. She was very sympathetic to the crazies and the radical activists but I was not. There was a certain renewed emphasis on facts and truth rather than mere politics after I took over the reporting even though I cannot necessarily explain what my editor did to my stories and the headlines. You would have to ask Steve what he was thinking. Anyway, it was very shocking for them to call me on the phone and for my ear with nothingness and then nothing of what they said appear in the newspaper but I just cannot reprint your silly statements, such as: "Bill * is a crook," or "If you are not on my side I will complain to my dear friend the publisher and have you fired" (both the late Mayor Danciu and impresario Jim Batmasian threatened me this way; sorry but I could not have single-handedly gotten Danciu reelected when everyone was sick of him, and I could not prevent the authorities from later sending Batmasian to jail for failing to pay FICA for his workers, so dirty tricks against me will not help you in the end game)," etc. Anyway, I would get in big trouble if I quoted any of the potentially libelous things that you say. So if you curse me I will copycat the curse right back to you because you do not deserve a dime from me. I am the apple of God's eye and you are just another grandstanding power monger. Get in line like everyone else.

Monday, September 27, 2010


I really do not appreciate being cast as the antagonist, as if everything I say or do is something to be opposed and cast aside as if meaningless nothing, as if you even know what you are talking about. As if I live in an echo chamber and everything I say just bounces back to me with no effect or reflective thought given to anything.

As if Barbara Miller of Mississippi were some kind of heroine. I cannot really comment on her host family for that year, the Navarrettes, and what their relationship was at the time and whatever Barbara said about the Navarette's son so most of the time I do not even know what you are talking about. I think that you are just fishing, basically.

But you are stuck up a creek without a paddle and I cannot help with your problem. Antagonizing me is not going to solve anything. I am just warning you. You are forewarned that antagonizing me will not solve your problem. It might satisfy your thirst for revenge, your craving to shed blood, your overwhelming desire to wring a white girl's neck but it will not solve anything. You might even end up in prison for life like that other guy.