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Diary Tidbits-March & April 1979

Mar. 1: "Julia took us to Church to the women’s meeting, no one there. Heat was on so was comfortable. TEn minutes later they were coming in and we had a nice morning. I cut stuffing as usual. Gloria stuffed a doll. We had a nice lunch. Julia came at noon and ate with us."
Mar. 2: "Read the news before and after supper and then helped Gloria with her words."
Mar. 3: "Dora sent me a box of macadamia nut candy, it is delicious, also sent me a note. After 8 I helped Gloria with her English."
Mar. 6: "At 4 had a walk up to the daisies. At 9 PM worked on the language deal with Gloria. Off to bed at 10."
Mar. 9: "Went to hospital. Feared I would die and notified all the family. Mary Olive flew out from Texas. I had pneumonia in right lung."
Mar. 22: "I am so thankful to be home. Still too weak to get around alone. Mary Olive flew home tonite. Different ones brot or sent flowers. The church sent a growing plant. Harold and Cynthia and Amy and Aaron came to see me. Harold flew east tonite."
Mar. 23: "Feel so frustrated and weak. I hear Chaplin Nelson called this afternoon."
Mar. 26: "Ralph, Aaron and Amy called in a few minutes about 11. He was taking the children to feed the ducks."
Mar. 28: "Bought stamps from Julia and had a walk around inside — too cold outside."
Mar. 29: "Julia took Gloria and I to women’s meeting at 10 and came for us at 11:30. She bought a Kentucky chicken dinner for our lunch….Around 2 took Gloria to Penny’s for permanent. Then took me to eye doctor, the to Doctor …. He said I still had pneumonia in right lung and ordered X-reay. In between somewhere we picked up Gloria. I finally got the X-ray and we got home around 5. I was so tired laid down and went to sleep and Gloria awakened me for dinner of waffles and bacon. Real good….It was so good to get to the Missionary Council again after three weeks absence."
Apr. 7: "Mary Olive called from Texas. I could hear her but she heard me. I feel a little stronger today and wish I could hear but thankful I can see."
Apr. 8: "Julia and I went to church. Appeared to be good message but I understood nothing. When we got home I went to bed and to sleep so late lunch. About 8 PM came George, Audrey, Tina, Daniel, wife and daughter. Audrey brot me a poem card and a gift book. They left after 9. Then Gloria wound a skein of yarn into a ball and now it is my bedtime. Hope I can sleep."
Apr. 9: "Ralph and Esther came over for the evening and they all except me spent the time winding yarn into balls. They left about 10. Then we all retired. Slept some."
Apr. 10: "Started to read a book someone left here. Read a chapter, then work on the needlepoint. Did that way all day."
Apr. 12: "Got a card from Mary Martha from China where they are traveling. This has been an interesting day."
Apr. 13: "Gloria don’t feel well tonite, her stomach is hurting her. I told her to drink a lot of hot water."
Apr. 14: "After lunch Julia took me with her to a place I had wondered about and found that one of our church ladies lives there — Mrs. Sandberg — she showed Julia around. I sat in the beautiful big room. It is where Mildred Gram? Lives but she is in another part of building."
Apr. 15: "Gloria’s day off but she went with us. A good Easter service at church but I understood nothing. I wish people who can hear would appreciate it."
Apr. 16: "Did my morning reading, then worked on needlepoint. One side was on frame crooked so I loosened it up and with Gloria’s help got it straightened and continued to work….A little late came Ralph with Aaron and Amy. Invited me to go with them to feed the ducks. I went along and we were back before 12….After 4 walked up the road to the neighbors to see the daisies — and lavender flowers by their mailbox. Paper came so I'll read.….Julia stayed at school all day to save gas and is home before 9:30."
Apr. 18: "Worked on pillow until lunch, now not sure what next….Made some mistakes and a lot of ripping. Gloria has loaned me a needle so I can go ahead."
Apr. 20: "Did my usual morning reading. Worked on the pillow — did a lot of ripping because of mistakes. The toilet went wrong. Joe and Docma? Dora? Came over, then they left and Joe came back with his tools — got a new toilet and had it done about 4 — So Joe ate lunch with Gloria and I….I did a bit of reading and also had a walk up the road a block."
Apr. 21: "Julia gone to a rummage sale. Mailed notice to Appalachian Project. Sowed and ripped on the pillow. Had a walk up the road."
Apr. 22: "Gloria left with her boyfriend while we were at breakfast. Ralph and Esther came by and took me to church and then had lunch with us."
Apr. 23: "Waffles and bacon for breakfast. Reading done before eating. Worked on pillow — mostly ripping….Sent a birthday card to Timothy Barth’s daughter Nicola. Julia came in about 9:15 just as I had finished a game of transograms."
Apr. 24: "Up at 2:30 and got ready for trip to hospital for chest X-ray ordered by Dr. Steiger. After that was able to have my ear attended to and my glasses fixed. So got three things done on one trip."
Apr. 25: "No ladies meeting here so I don’t know what I will be doing tomorrow."
Apr. 26: "Pantyhose I ordered came today so now I must mark them with some red thread. Ralph, Esther, Cindy and Heather came around 4. Ralph set up the table and we four played dominoes."
Apr. 27: "Been reading in the “Signs of the Times” gift from Grace Brassington. Very good."
Apr. 29: "About 4 PM Christopher stopped by for an hour on his way back to school. They have only two more weeks instead of six like the public school. My lamp won’t work — wish Ariel were here, he might be able to fix it. It needed new bulb Julia had one so all is going well."
Apr. 30: "At 1 Ralph came for me and I went with him to San Marcos to get his Dad, then to Vista to do something to the Bug. While waiting there saw Linda for few minutes, then came home." 

Diary Tidbits-January 1979

Jan. 4: "Did needlepoint. Letty’s day off."
Jan. 9: "I am feeling so — much better and am so thankful….Had a nap, also a walk up the road. I seem so weak but keep on trying. No one came today….I am living in hopes for Thursday. We shall see. Cough gone but am so weak."
Jan. 10: "Breakfast over at 8:30 and I feel just about normal and am so thankful. God is faithful."
Jan. 11 (Thursday): "No women’s meeting so I was disappointed. Are having seminars the rest of this month."
Jan. 12: "Out to lagoon at 3. No train, bus or plane."
Jan. 13: "Had walk at wrong time, nothing to see unusual."
Jan. 14: "Here we are two weeks into the new year. “Time waits for no man.” — or woman."
Jan. 15: "Letty phoned would not arrive until 10 so Ralph came over so I won’t be alone since Julia has to leave before 10 for school."
Jan. 16: "Julia up and off to Base before I was dressed….Am hoping to go somewhere Thursday if it don’t rain….Joe phoned he would be over but did not come."
Jan. 17: "Ralph and Esther for evening dinner, then Julia and them went to Union church to see picture and talk on Hawaii. I would have gone if I could hear."
Jan. 18 (Thursday): In afternoon he took Esther to Flower Hill, left her there and went to San Marcos via … where I saw many acacia trees in full bloom. It poured rain most of the trip."
Jan. 19: "Moving everything movable preparing for carpet cleaners arriving at 1 PM….reading a book titled, “The happiest people on earth.”"
Jan. 20: "Letty left bag and baggage, said she’s quitting."
Jan. 23: "Joe came for me around 9 and brot me home here at 8:30 PM. Did all I can to the owl until we find lost papers loaned to Esther. Had a lot of time on my hands today."
Jan. 24: "Julia took me to Joe’s mid morning. Dora prepared my needlework and I started to do it, made mistake and had to rip. Started again in wrong place. It is a difficult piece of work."
Jan. 27: "Julia tried all day to get the woman who came yesterday looking for a job. Finally contacted her but she was already hired. She must not have been Mrs. “right.”
Jan. 28: "Julia stayed home all day but no one called about the job. This evening one called but she smokes so she wouldn’t do."
Jan. 29: "A woman answered ad and came to see. Julia engaged her to arrive at 10 tomorrow. She brot her male friend in and introduced him. Julia and I feel a bit uncertain about her but need someone so badly. So we will see."
Jan. 30: "New help? Came at 10 AM. My bedtime 10 PM and she is not here so I don’t know what next."
Jan. 31: "Julia up at 7, came into my room to say the woman never came back nor did we hear from her. Julia gave me bath in mid morning and helped me dress. After some reading I cut up stuffing and more reading. It’s after 2 PM and have heard nothing from the hired woman so we don’t know what has happened. Letty came for her check about 3 and when she left we went to Fedmart, also to fish and chips store. Letty semed glad to see me. She also apologized for her behavior the 20th. After supper read newspapers, then started game. Stopped a while for TV, then finished it and now bedtime."

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Diary Tidbits-December 1978

Dec. 3: "Julia very busy putting things together after the painting done Saturday."
Dec. 4: "At 4:30 took a walk to lagoon, saw an airplane going south. Later read evening paper and had one game, then read a chapter in an interesting book. Got to bed at 10:30."
Dec. 6: "Saw one copter and saw seven ships going south. Train went south but I did not see it, I was so interested in seeing the ships."
Dec. 8: "Spent the day with needlework and Christmas cards. Went out to lagoon, saw a train and a boat. So cold was glad to leave."
Dec. 9: "At an Air Force meeting and dinner Julia won a turkey. I spent the morning addressing cards so I have at least got started….Julia and friend Helen Lindsley went to Vista."
Dec. 11: "Went out to lagoon at 10. Beautiful, clear and warm. Saw one airplane, one train going south five minutes late, one going north. Worked on needlepoint, mostly ripping. I found I had made a big mistake to correct."
Dec. 12: "At 3 went for walk to lagoon, saw a helicopter but no train. I guess it was late but I was cold so came in."
Dec. 13: "Lettie and sister went away after supper, probably return Friday AM. I get so many pleas for help that I am unable to do. I wish I had lots of money to help those far worse off than I am."
Dec. 15: "Julia got me 40 cards at Base so I can finish my mailing activities but I lack some addresses. Addressed some and read paper, did puzzle and worked on the needlepoint."
Dec. 19: "Joe and Dora came in evening, another happy surprise for Dora seldom comes. Ralph worn out and in bed or they would have come."
Dec. 22: "Mrs. Gerrard our President of Women’s ministries, came with her granddaughter and brot me a beautiful crocheted blanket from the group."
Dec. 24: "Julia and I went to church and found out they had their Christmas program at 10 so we missed all of it. Merle and Lynda and girls came in evening and little later Ralph and Esther. So we had the evening together."
Dec. 25: "Bob Schmidt came for a while in evening and had supper with us."
Dec. 27: "After breakfast Julia helped me with a bath. I think was her first time. She is so pressed with things to do and care for me since Lettie is gone this week. She can’t find anyone to stay with me while she keeps an appointment."
Dec. 31: "After 8 AM and I don’t know what is for today. There is no one to stay with me and Julia needs to get typing done. Well? she gave up and I spent the morning reading and sleeping and coughing. So disappointed not to get to church this last day of 1978."
Special Data: "Been a wonderful year in many ways and I thank my Heavenly Father for the supply of all my needs. For the privilege of living in Julia’s home instead of among strangers."
Memo for Next Year: "The ten commandments in rhyme.
Thou no Gods shall have but me
Before no idol bow the knee
Take not the name of God in vain
Nor dare the Sabbath to profane
Give to thy parents honor due
Take heed that thou no murder do
Abstain from words and deeds unclean
Steal not for thou of God art seen
Tell not a willful lie nor love it
What is thy neighbors do not covet."

Diary Tidbits-November 1978

Nov. 1: "Prepared two birthday cards that should have been mailed yesterday. Grace B. came to go to San Diego with Julia." 
Nov. 3: "Read a chapter in book Julia borrowed at school It’s about Watchman Nee, a Chinese Christian. Now a game of transograms."
Nov. 4: "Box of birthday cards came today. The company sold out and I had given up so was happily surprised. Finished book Julia borrowed for me. Now maybe I’ll have a game."
Nov. 5: "Bro. Webber home sick with flu. Bro. Don gave message, then we had Communion….Grace B. came and dinner with us and Julia and her fixed their ballots."
Nov. 6: "After my morning reading I fix my sample ballot and wrote order for Christmas cards."
Nov. 7: "Around 5 Julia and I went over and voted. Ralph came and helped with some things and ate dinner with us and left about 7."
Nov. 10: "Worked until lunch on owl."
Nov. 13: "Evangelist Beard preached and I know it was good tho I understood but four words. We also had a choir today, the first in three months. Pastor Webber home ill.
Nov. 14: "Worked on needlepoint until noon in kitchen — nice and light — painter doing living room so all furniture moved away from wall until Friday."
Nov. 15: "Took a walk to the road. Needlepoint until 3, then went to lagoon, too cold to stay long….Julia moving everything from hallway. Painter coming to paint it tomorrow."
Nov. 16: "I remember Steve in Shanghai."
Nov. 18: "Julia went away and Lettie locked herself out and I didn’t know who was pounding the outside and was scared and went to see who it was. She was scared too."
Nov. 19: "Julia took me to church and stayed with me. Esther and her two granddaughters were there, Rena & …., Ralph home with cold. Sermon about joy, very good. I wrote to Gladys Wilson and did some reading. Pastor Webber told me where the name Julia is in the Bible."
Nov. 20: "Ear man came with my new ear mold and it don’t squeal."
Nov. 21: "…then watched TV half hour or more. They are showing Bible stores this evening, David’s death and activities of Solomon."
Nov. 22: "Painter, carpenter here most of day, painted ceiling in my room and finished the closet that’s been on the way for three or four months."
Nov. 25: "Finished newspaper and had one game transograms. R. Won."
Nov. 26: "Been reading about a woman who wanted to adopt a 6-year-old Korean girl and all the difficulties she faced."
Nov. 27: "After lunch started sorting and cleaning out lower drawer in desk. Got more to do than I bargained for."
Nov. 28: "I seem to lose all my pens. I don’t know where they go. Sometimes find them later on."

Diary Tidbits-October 1978

Oct. 1: "Did some errands and got to Mrs. Brasswell’s about 6. She served a delicious supper. I worked on a puzzle while Julia and her visited and we left before 9:30."
Oct. 2: "Dora as usual — drinking — they are planning to move to Sonora next year."
Oct. 3: "Went with Julia to the church to see and decide about the pictures we had taken two weeks (earlier) for the “book” to have pictures of all members. Just before supper had a walk up the road as far as neighbor’s mailbox." 
Oct. 4: "I know Lettie was way tired for she prepared most of the dinner. We visited until after 9 when those from San Diego left for home.
Oct. 6: "David will ship out in two or three weeks.
Oct. 7: "About 3:30 Lettie and I walked up the road to next house. She saw a lady at home who had loaned me books to read. I am thru with them and was waiting for chance to return them with thanks. Lettie offered to run back home and get them so we returned them to Mrs. Poppy." 
Oct. 8: "Julia took me to church on time and came for me at close of service. Our Orchestra leader and wife were missing. A woman, Carol Brooke, was the minister this morning." 
Oct. 10: "Lettie has been suffering with toothache so had it extracted."
Oct. 11: "Breakfast at usual time, shred wheat and strawberries, avocado on toast."
Oct. 13: "Wrote Underground to return check I forgot to sign." 
Oct. 14: "Julia at 9 AM took me to Joe’s and Lettie to bus….Joe was only home a little while. Queen and a 12-year-old Rick was there till noon, also the woman who lives in their apartment. The women drinking and two of them smoking."
Oct. 15: "Became acquainted with Roy Jenkins. He taught me a new game. Guests Bob Jenkins, his son Roy, Bob Hopper, Bob Schmidt, Grace, Suzanne, Hawaiian chicken dinner. Suzanne showed pictures of Brazil, Russia, Egypt, the Sudan. 15-year-old Roy went to sleep during the pictures. Bob Schmidt did not arrive until after 8 PM."
Oct. 16: "Supper over at 6:45. Now I’ll read Blade Tribune."
Oct. 17: "Egg, toast, bacon, potatoes and coffee at usual time….Sent away cupons and check to General Mills for Brahms butter knife….Prepared birthday card and letter for Elmer Babu, the letter to family. "
Oct. 18: "Esther and Ralph slopped in a few minutes on the way home from church."
Oct. 19: "Julia went for nap and I followed her example. Now if I could find my crochet hook I would start something. Since I can’t I’ll do some cutting up. Esther invited us over for dinner and Mrs. Henderson came while we were eating. Had not seen her for long time."
Oct. 20: "I fear I will not be able to crochet the afghan I planned for Suzanne. My left hand fingers refuse to do what they did last year so I’ll return to needlepoint for I must have something to do beside reading to save my eyesight….Almost 3 so I’ll watch the train go by….. Lettie was so good to put my owl on the frame for me ready to work."
Oct. 22: "Wanted to go for walk, couldn’t get the door open so guess I’ll read a while."
Oct. 25: "Card from Mary Olive and Eugene from Cape Cod, Mass….. Julia brot me a book from school about “Watchman Nee” (Chinese). I got into third chapter."
Oct. 27: "Then finished reading paper and had a miserable time with transograms. Made mistake and had to begin over. Did most of puzzle and now it is bedtime and I hope I sleep better than I did last nite. Letter from Virginia, sent picture of the children."
Oct. 28: "Had a 10-page letter from Evelyn. They had been gone to Moro Bay, is why I didn’t hear for so long….Now I’ll try to read again about Watchman Nee, a story of his life, a Chinese Christian. Made my list of November birthdays. Lettie had company from Fallbrook."
Oct. 31: "I got on my feet and went two steps, lost my balance and feel down and I couldn’t get up until called for help. So thankful that I was not hurt at all. Mailed booklet to Merle Gibson."

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Dangerous Doctor Kids

Someone really should put a muzzle on these dangerous doctor kids all running around yapping as if they ever went to medical school and would be trusted with anyone's health, physical or mental, especially not mine. Doctors make lots and lots of money so there really is no reason for them and their offsprings to be afforded such unlimited powers of the Hypocritical Oath to trample underfoot and destroy the very persons they are supposedly helping. It's just wrong.

Friday, May 25, 2012

DeAnna Dump

I fail to see why I should explain anything to dumpy dog Deanna L. Griffin. Deaanna is just a wicked eavesdropper who was not present at Southern California College to witness a conversation on the dorm floor between myself and some other people and anyway it is none of Deanna's business what I did or did not say to nasty Grace about Hawaii or something. Hawaii is just a big souvenir shop, mostly, as far as I can tell. Ann Kiemel's book indicates that white people like myself would not feel so at home in that mostly Asian state. So just being a beautiful tropical place with lots of green foliage and volcanoes is not enough to make a home or to put on such snooty Asian airs when actually you were just born like everybody else on the planet.

Piñata Photo

Somewhere in my childhood photos is a picture of myself blindfolded and holding a stick, standing next to a piñata, a white dog if I remember rightly, at my 9-year-old birthday party. It was also my sister's 7-year-old birthday party because our birthdays were five days apart and there is a similar photo of her with the piñata. As it turned out, my parents had bought a hard piñata. The goodies were contained in a clay pot and so although we children battered away at the white dog, nothing could emerge from the clay pot until my Dad took the clay pot down and put it on the ground and smashed it with a hammer.

Of course, I don't see any connection of this to Clay. I never knew of this person Clay's existence. One tends to assume that Joe and Dora had children and grandchildren but I never saw hide nor hair of them until I read the diaries and saw all of these names appearing there of people I never knew existed. Very interesting.

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Speaking of Oxymorons

I fail to understand the emphasis on sharing when we all know that Stephanie Share, in addition to being a wild partying delinquent in high school, was a quite rude and useless person. When did that Druid witch ever condescend to even say hello to me? Never once. Even sitting at the same table at economics class, she studiously turns her head away and speaks only to Patricia Saravia who is well connected to power families within the local government, I am pretty sure. Stephanie Share carefully avoids and snubs me, preferring the company of rich people, because obviously there would be no political advantage locally for her to be seen conversing with a poor white American such as myself. Stephanie is obviously performing for their benefit, not mine. I understand this quite well. You might be surprised. This is the cold, cruel reality of the world in which I lived during high school, somewhere between a rock and a hard place, no Sweet Comfort albums in my non-existent record collection. I just have to accept that I am never going to fit, socially speaking, in high school and that my real life will begin only after I return to the U.S. for college and meet actual Christian AG people who actually understand the Christian faith in the way that I do, or at least that is what I always thought. I could try to explain it to them but it is very hard to get the conversation started, almost impossible, with such dense dummies as Stephanie. Thus it boggles the mind that someone would try to impose on a pathetically poor MK such as myself the philanthropic obligations of extremely affluent royals. Ridiculous. Obviously, this is a joke. I am just a pawn left dangling at the bottom of the New World Order. Stacy or someone was talking about this and saying that I must "prove"myself to them. As I was saying, "No, I don't have to 'prove' anything to you." I have no idea why I would need to "prove" something to those racy dogs when obviously they just don't understand, and also they don't have anything that I want or need anyway. This is just a technique they use, putting me on the defensive, because they can get away with being quite offensive. If I did that to them I would never hear the end of it but for some reason they never have to face the consequences of their own rotten attitudes.

Diary Tidbits - September 1978

Sep. 1: "Esther slopped in about 11….Had four games with Lettie. She won all of them (Chinese checkers). After I was abed Lettie said if you want it I’ll give you bath so I got up and had the bath."
Sep. 2: "…here was Ralph, Esther, Rene & … Calkins waiting for us. They were on their way taking the girls to the Costa Mesa college to be there for some doings at 6 o’clock so could not come in, just stopped by to say hello and goodbye."
Sep. 3: "Then Grace came and Julia took us to dinner in Oceanside to a place so dark I could not see what I was eating. Neither did I recognize it by taste." 
Sep. 5: "Played checkers with Lettie. She won all the games. Read papers and did puzzle after supper. To bed at 9:30."
Sep. 7: "Julia put dinner on oven, on that she turned on the electricity. At dinnertime when she went to serve it was not ready so we had dinner at 8+ instead of 6. Esther stayed to sew. They are gone now and it’s bedtime."
Sep. 8: "...did a little cutting of stuffing until Julia invited me to go to the Vons area with her. I went and worked on a puzzle while waiting for her to shop." 
Sep. 15: "I looked around and here stood Audrey and Michelle. We had a nice visit but she could not stay long. She was on her way to Costa Mesa to take some things to Chris and had another errand also."
Sep. 21: "Julia took me to women’s meeting before 10 and came for me before 2. We took Mrs. Fowler home to Oceanside, then went on errands to Lions Medial Center and one other and got home around 4. Our president gone on trip, someone said Japan, so Sis. Hutson officiated at the afternoon meeting. Harold Calkins arrived before noon and spoke to us for over half an hour between 1 & 2. I could not understand but was glad for the others to hear. Letter to Julia from Mrs. Nelson invited us to visit her when possible."
Sep. 23: "Ralph slopped by for few minutes. Weather warm. Nothing to write….Lettie’s birthday tomorrow. Julia gave her several gifts and I gave her a little cash. She appeared very surprised and happy." 
Sep. 26: "Sue came home shortly after noon, let the pupils out because of the heat."
Sep. 29: "My morning reading over so I’ll get to work. Have some cutting to do, also crochet a sample. I find that to crochet is not as easy as two months ago. Don’t know if I will be able to do the afghan for Suzanne as I had planned. Too bad they lost the book with instructions. I would have had it half done by now. But maybe — we’ll see." 
Sep. 30: "Julia took me for a ride to Buddy Todd park where a group were gathered for a picnic. I enjoyed all of it. We stayed about half an hour and now we are home at 5:10….David just telephoned he is back from the ship and will visit us next week, Wednesday." 

Diary Tidbits - August 1978

Aug. 6: "While on way with Lettie a copter near us started up and just missed the telephone wires."
Aug. 8: "After lunch came Ralph with Ralph Jr., ask me if I wanted to go for ride. I went with them to San Marcos, picked up Ralph’s father and then Ralph drove to Escondido and several other places, then brot me home and left Ralph Junior here to play dominoes. Came back about 5 for him and said would be back to play games this evening. Jr. and I walked to the lagoon also. Ralph Jr. came back as I was eating last bite of supper….Junior has grown tall since I had last seen him. He is especially interested in Art. He gave me a sea? lion?."
Aug. 17: "(Julia) came for me just after noon and The President invited her and wanted we eat there. It was delicious. We left after 1 while the meeting was going on. I just got set down and started my reading when here came man from Beltone and tested my hearing and agreed that I have very little to work on.' 
Aug. 20: "This morning found a lost book belonging to Esther and Ralph so didn’t get much exercise." 
Aug. 24: "Read a book thru — have now found the three books belonging to the Nelsons."
Aug. 25: "Man from “Beltone” came again today to try something else but nothing helps what I already have so I guess he will consider me a hopeless case."
Aug. 26: "Ralph came at dinnertime just after 6 and had dinner with us. Julia went to party at Grace Brassington's." 
Aug. 27: "Letter from Gibsons in Ft. Bragg. Was raining up there."
Aug. 28: "Julia left for Sierra Madre after lunch. Expect her back Wednesday."
Aug. 29: "Several checker games with Lettie — she won them all….Now it is bedtime. I miss Julia."
Aug. 30: "Expecting Julia home any time. Had a nap 2:30 to 3. Julia arrived home before 6 PM." 
Aug. 31: "Chaplin Nelson called on us this afternoon. Looking for something found — shoebox of snapshots that brot back many memories of the past when my family was growing up."

Diary Tidbits-July 1978

July 4: "Mexican working on yard. Ralph came in a minute around 1 o’clock….The fireworks we anticipated didn’t amount to anything." 
July 5: "Pains in my neck got worse and Julia couldn’t find my pain pills so I had a nite of misery, had to hold my head in certain position or fight a scream."
July 10: "Ralph stopped in for a minute. Later Esther came with a roll on which I am to write." 
July 11: "Lettie came to answer phone and took my rubber band that holds my game box together and would not get me another so I had to hunt for one."
July 12: "Went to the Beauty College to have my hair done. Home for lunch." 
July 13: "This morning Lettie informed Julia she is quitting. This is her day off and she left without having done anything, also owing Julia $200.00 that had been advanced to her."
July 14: "Lettie and I had several Chinese checker games and during afternoon one game of dominoes."
July 16: Early supper, then off to Oceana to see pictures taken in Spain. I would much rather had gone to church but I had no choice."
July 17: "Joe and thin renter stopped in a few minutes this morning."
July 18: "Worked on pillow until reduced to tears. Moving things so I can’t find my tools."
July 20: "After dinner of corn on cob, punch, ice cream, and cake I read a while….I’ll look at paper if I can find it." 
July 23: "Vanessa from Long Beach is at Esther’s."
July 26: "I’ve been reading a diet book that David sent to Julia."
July 28: "I finished reading “Tortured for Christ” by Richard Wurmbrand."
July 29: "Julia is out this evening with Robert Schmidt."
July 30: "Bob Schmidt stopped in a minute on his way."
July 31: "About 4 Ralph stopped to see if I wanted to go for ride. I went. It was to Merle’s to get a sawhorse….Julia phoned Dorothy about Ben and he has gone to sea already so don’t know when we’ll see him."

1978 Diary Tidbits to June

Feb. 1: "Watched TV “Black Beauty,” not too interesting to me. Went to car doctor and was fitted with new aid. Hear a little better and no squeal."
Feb. 3: "About 7:20 started game of transograms when an annual picture came on TV and after that Black Beauty. While looking at that came Merle and he and Julia are at the table so I can’t finish. He left around 10 and I finished the game and hurried to bed."
Feb. 6: "In evening Merle and family came for dinner about 7 and Linda served what Julia left prepared. Linda cleaned everything to perfect order, then we had a game of anagrams. Linda won. It was a real treat to have someone to enjoy the game with."
Feb 7: "At 6 o’clock Julia took me to Miss Hazlett’s. I took my modern version Bible and read four chapters in 1 Corinthians. She was glad to hear it."
Feb. 9: "Miss Mannah here to get report about me. Everything settled for the year unless there is a change. Lettie our new housekeeper is doing very well. …. Julia had to go to court this morning. Has to see and listen to TV at 5 AM in the morning. Awful back east, so much snow and cold. Glad I live in California."
Feb. 10: "Joe came to see us in evening, bring a lot of oranges and nearly a quart of guava jam made from guavas growing on their property. The wind blew over the orange tree so he cut off the oranges and fastened the tree up straight."
Feb. 11: "At 4 Julia has a caller. He came around noon just before she got home from school, said he would return at 4 and he returned at 4 PM."
Feb. 13: "We went to the ear man and the eye man, were told my hearing is about gone, my glasses are not right, and all I can do is cry. Worked a while on quilt."
Feb. 26: "Julia and I went to church. In foyer had a table full of things ladies make on Thursdays. I heard noise but understood nothing."
Mar. 4: "About noon Linda and Heather stopped in for few minutes. Virginia and family started down here but car went wrong and they went back home. Hope they can come on a clear day. It rained hard today and the wind very strong."
Mar. 7: "A man came to fix roof to carport but didn’t seem to accomplish much. Someone came and took Julia out and I never got to go and vote. I had counted on voting and am disappointed."
Mar. 8: "Up and at it as usual….I am miserable without my right lens. After supper Julia went to Union Church to see pictures of Hong Kong and Macau."
Mar. 9: "I wore a white patch over right of my glasses so no one could see my eyes in different sizes."
Mar 9: "We had expected Suzanne here at noon but she phoned she would come tonite. It’s now 5:45 and she has not arrived. I took a nap and have been reading a lot and walked some inside. Men are working on the carport. Sun has shined today and also had a shower. The carport roof finished. Phone call said Audrey and Sue couldn’t come till tomorrow."
Mar. 10: "Some time after noon came Audrey and Susie. Susie on crutches with lame back….Julia is going out tonite and I presume Suzanne and I will play games. After all Sue didn’t want to sit up so didn’t play after all. I watched TV 7:30 to 8. Read a while and will go play alone as usual."
Mar. 14: "Julia came home and I retired and Joe went home. No peace there. He brot us a bag of oranges from his tree."
Mar. 17: "Lettie left before 8 PM, off Saturday and will slay (sic) with me Sunday."
Mar. 19: "Shortly after lunch Julia arrived from I don’t know where and around 4 took me for a ride along oceanfront from south to north. I enjoyed it not having out much lately."
Mar. 21: "Audrey and Tina coming for lunch. I am not to wear my hearing aid until my sore ear gets well. Awful to not hear. I’ll have to wear it while they are here….Last nite while Julia was away she had her money and important papers stolen. So today was gone, part of day attending to her trouble." 
Mar. 25: "Started on needlepoint but Julia wanted to go to the college and we went about 10 and both got a manicure and pedicure. Julia saw Bro. Webber there."
Mar. 26: "Left for San Diego church at 9:15. Drove by Gospel Tabernacle. Bro. Webber came down walk on our way and saw us drive by and waved. Church in S.D. good service. Out at 12."
Apr. 5: "Joe came before 1 PM to bring me a jar of molasses containing iron, says I am to take a teaspoonful every day and it will help me to feel good."
Apr. 6: "Finished March Digest. Had two games anagrams. Feel miserable."
Apr. 11: "I worked on needlepoint. Have to rip some and do it over because I did not do it right. Ripping it out is difficult but I have some reasons and difference in appearance is well worth the trouble."
Apr. 12: "Stopped in middle to eat, then about 2 came piano tuner who is also one of the school teachers where she went to school. Mr. McGill. We left him tuning and went to Senior Center and had our blood pressure taken, then back home where I did needlepoint until too dark."
Apr. 15: "Had trouble with Clay. He ran away and police found him in South Carolina."
Apr. 16: "Bro. Webber used three umbrellas to demonstrate his sermon, “God’s plan for blessings.” Spent most of remainder of day reading."
Apr. 23: "Dan ask if I wanted a walk. I said I love it so we went out to the lagoon and sat down. Soon saw two planes and a freight train go south. David picked flowers and put them in my hair to appear like a crown."
Apr. 27: "Julia had her kitchen phone moved to a better location so is out of the way of the table at mealtime."
May 5: "Ralph and Esther came and Ralph mended the hole where telephone was removed."
May 23: "Julia bought me eight underalls. I don’t’ have to pay tax when she gets them at Base."
May 26: "Had early lunch, then went to Wild Animal Park over beyond Escondido. They had many additions since I was there over five years ago. Another five hours in wheelchair over rough pavement get rather uncomfortable."
May 28: "Then they all left to go to Presbyterian Church so Lettie and I am alone a while….. They took our pictures and the Bates family left for Santa Barbara, their next stop."
May 31: "Having trouble with new refrigerator, a man here this afternoon to fix it."
June 1: "Check came, also letter from David and one from Alice Kugler Sheets."
June 9: "Breakfast at 8. Went to lagoon at 10, saw three-car train going north and a nine-car train going south. Cut up stuffing and did some reading."
June 14: "Everything moving earlier this morning. Prepared mail and usual reading."
June 20: "A man from Underground Evangelism called to see if I wanted to invest and live on interest. I told him I had nothing."
June 23: "The advertised TV failed to appear. I read the paper, did the puzzle and now plan a game of anagrams. Julia gone to singles meeting at church."
June 25: "After supper I lost balance and fell over backwards between table and couch, in great pain all nit."
June 26: "Awake with pain all nite. I am going for X-ray this morning. I had the X-ray and one of my ribs is broken by yesterday’s fall. Got home from emergency about 2, ate lunch and layed down and had a nap but still feel sort of do-less."
June 27: "Lettie was displeased with me because I wouldn’t go to bed until 10 and shut the bedroom door when she left ,so I was shut off from the rest of the house. However I feel better."
June 28: "Joe came in for a while. Good to see him. Learned that those friends from the Philippines are still with them."
June 30: "Julia’s friend came to take her out for evening, caught me sitting on couch in my nitegown. He was male nurse in Navy so he understands. Letter from Eugene Hunt. They don’t plan to come on furlo until ’79. Wonder if I will be here to see them."

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


If only there were a $1 million check in my mailbox to finance all these trivial pursuits of retired life. Where is my money? If faith is so simple, where is my paycheck? These billionairess black widow spiders have no problem dishing out millions of dollars to finance the presidential campaigns of South Carolina snakes and trashy bitch artist wannabes from their Corcoran school of ink blot nausea, leaving poor people like me dangling at the bottom of intricate spider webs to which I contributed very little if anything. It is unfortunate to have ever been on the same planet as certain people but still there was no good reason for this Bunny Bitch hex. As it turns out Jonathan Edwards is not exactly a bestselling author, so we see that rich people's judgment calls are sometimes quite wrong.

January 1978

Jan. 5: "After lunch we went out to the Medical center to see about a hearing aid. They tested me and said I had very little. They are getting one for me to try for 30 days if I like it fine, if I don’t like it the deal ends."
Jan. 7: "Did a lot of reading. I discovered in my book “The Hiding Place” there are chapters missing and some repeated."
Jan. 8: "Julia took me to church and Sumners brot me home. Julia expected a call but there was none."
Jan. 10: "I did a lot of reading. Then worked on the crib quilt, cutting up odd blocks to make a pattern from leftovers. Finally have it all planned and hope to cut the white ones tomorrow, at least part of them, and got some sewed together."
Jan. 12: "Julia came for me before 1:30 and we came home for her to unload what she had got at the base. Then we went to Doc Binder about moles."
Jan. 14: "When I was not looking Julia put my Christmas needlepoint on frame so I sorted out the colors of yarn and put them in a holder."
Jan. 16: "News: A ninth boy at Goetchius."
Jan. 19: "She had trouble so had to go to Camp Pendleton to Naval Hospital. The medicine the dentist in Oceanside did wrong and she was threatened with stroke. So I didn’t accomplish here at home."
Jan. 22: "Announced that Bro. Webber and two other men are leaving Saturday for San Salvador to help build a church. He will be gone two weeks…..Anita, Vanessa and I had a game of transograms and Vanessa and I had one of anagrams. I don’t usually play games on Sunday. She wanted to so I did. Anita’s children are so polite and kind and loving. It was so good to have them."
Jan. 24: "After lunch took my needlepoint off the frame and straightened the ends of the cloth and Julia put it back on frame, and now it is right."
Jan. 25: "Laurie and Steve: Steven Lee Goetchius, length 21 inches, weight 9 pounds."
Jan. 29: "With Bro. Webber gone Pastor Don gave good message."
Jan. 29: "Am finding things I didn’t know I had, a pile of funny papers from way back when. I plan to read some that tell about animals. The Mark Trail pictures."
Jan. 31: "Two people came to see about work hear. Last one smokes so Julia told her no."

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1977 Diary Tidbits Part 2

July 1: "About 3 PM Julia and I left for Suzanne’s where we found Murlene and all six children and their Dad, Lynette and Jeffrey and most of Audrey’s family. When we all got together all but seven of Julia’s family were there. " (Murlene has 8 or 9 children total, not just six, including .  )
July 4: "Julia had arranged for all the folks to go to the mountains for a picnic, then changed her mind when she considered the altitude and the dangerous curving roads, etc., etc. Besides, her leg was hurting and too tired." 
July 7: "I didn’t go to women’s meeting and am disappointed. It is the only time I can communicate with our church women." 
July 12: "About 4 Julia invited me along to take the man who had brot her car from the shop where it had been fixed."
July 24: "About noon off to Balboa Park out in zoo area….It was so interesting to watch the people, especially the children, capering on the different playthings." 
July 25: "Suzanne came about 1 and about 3 she took me for a walk around the circle, my first. She took along wheelchair and I only rode the equivalent of width of one wide lot and my longest walk." July 29: "This is Joe’s last workday at his regular job so he is now retired. He came in to see us and seemed happy and free. After supper TV 7:30 to 8, then one game, some reading, then retiring."
Aug. 12: "Julia called from Vancouver. They start their boat trip to Alaska today. Got two cards from Vancouver." 
Aug. 16: "A long folding of card about the Buchart Gardens, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, from Julia."
Aug. 18: "Elna having third day off this week. I don’t understand all this but maybe I don’t need to." 
Aug. 19: "Got two cards from Julia, one from Juneau (Aug. 15) and on way to Kelalukan (Aug. 13). Foggy here all morning. could not see Oceanside." 
Aug. 23: "Worked on my tulip needlepoint. After lunch worked on my black affair. Walked again in carport, fuschia garden and patio."
Aug. 24: "Card from Julia dated last Monday. Will not be home for few days. I’ll look when I see her coming."
Aug. 25: "About 5:45 in came Julia, then Suzanne, then Audrey. We were so glad to see them. … Julia brot me a lovely bookmark souvenir from Alaska."
Sep. 5: "Audrey and Julia went shopping and I read a lot. Sue and Debby sorted and numbered photos taken in Alaska. I read Audrey’s diary of their trip….While at Suzanne’s arranged to start an afghan for Sue." 
Sep. 6: "Then we came to the plaza and Julia went to Penny’s to get a gift for Machell’s birthday party the 10th. Seemed like a long wait. "
Sep. 7: "Audrey invited us down tomorrow. She wants her mother to see Doctor down there and I am to bring my anagrams."
Sep. 14: "Watched TV 8 to 8:30. TV acted up and the pictures didn’t amount to much. Read newspaper. Soon bath and bed."
Sep. 15: "I learned that Miss Graner cannot be president anymore.  She has to care for Miss Ginn who is quite ill."
Sep. 20: "I read paper and started the book. Planned for announced TV but it fail to be the right program." 
Sep. 25: "Ralph brot Candi over at 9:30 and she went to church with Julia and I. After church we took her back to Esther’s, then did an errand and came home and stayed."
Oct. 2: "Ralph and Esther came by and took me to church and after to their home. Ariel and Evelyn came around 3, Julia around 5, and we six went to Bob’s for dinner on Ralph."
Oct. 7: "Worked on tulips all day in between necessary acts."
Oct. 14: "Around 4 Julia took me to Doctor Binder to have something removed from … also sprayed my back with something. Finish my tulips and started doing white part. Now I’ll have a game. Had one transogram game, both answers alike for first time. One game anagrams. Right won."
Oct. 20: "Esther’s back still hurting from her work with the plants that were given for the rummage sale. My lamp broke down so I can’t see to do much in my room.... He (Joe) said they finally got the needed papers and are now on their way to Hong Kong. Airline they had intended to use on strike so going via Honolulu and Japan. Dora’s birth had never been registered."
Oct. 21:  "Joe came and we visited in patio. I mentioned my broken lamp and (he) went in the house and fixed it in few minutes."
Oct. 23: "About 5 I had some bread and milk and we left for 6 o’clock service via Oceanside to get Carol, a cripple." 
Oct. 28: "Found a letter from Merle Gibson. Caught up on some reading, then did needlepoint until lunch."
Oct. 29: "Card from Joe and Dora from Hong Kong."
Nov. 4: "While at breakfast in came Audrey and Tina on their way to Columbia up north of Bakersfield going to get Debby’s things."
Nov. 8: "Dora brought me a gift of jade in Hong Kong, a pendant, and Joe fastened it on my gold chain."
Nov. 24: "Suzanne and Robert and Debby gone to Nevada. They are celebrating their marriage."
Dec. 1: "Our checks came and I am all in order, paid up to date….Read some finishing a book about Pat Boone and now I am ready to retire and hope I rest better than last nite."
Dec. 3: "Julia and Joe going to Ramona to some airplane doings….I found out the trip to Ramona was about airplanes for the missionaries."
Dec. 4: "Later came George, Audrey, and Tina gave me a wilted carnation lei from Hawaii a friend had given her. Audrey brot Chinese sponge cake from dinner they had, also candy."
Dec. 10: "Card and note from Gladys Wilson. She sent $2.00 for my birthday. So glad to get her address." 
Dec. 13: "Julia got home around 4 so I got to walk farther away since she could answer phone."
Dec. 23: "After supper one game anagrams, one game transograms, very difficult and had a Q and a Z left over."

More Lousy Scripting

Who wrote this lousy script anyway? This is the part where I am supposed to comment on the amazing revelation contained in the diaries, which is that Audrey's daughter Darlene married a Lebanese man. I never knew that. But as per the script, I am expected at this point to launch into some stupid tirade about these creepy Arabs and the insidious way they seek to intrude upon our personal lives, thus revealing to all a prejudice against Arabs. I am also expected to say something against mixed marriages even though against such there is no law, nor has there been for many years. Duh! I am also expected to point out that he only gets one wife and her name is Darlene and she lives in San Diego. That is all he gets. He and his Arab in-laws do not get to rule the rest of the family secretly by extension. I should not have to explain this obvious point but apparently there Arabs are not getting the message.

Non-Conforming Church vs. The Establishment

Yes, who was it that was talking about the pending reorganization of the Christian church in America? Those people don't like the fact that Protestants are scattered among many denominations and groups. They think that everyone who is not part of America's Established Church, mainly the Anglicans and Catholics, should be shoved into a single box labeled the Non-Conforming Church of America, which is mostly composed of the Presbyterians. That will be a lot easier for them to pretend that we are living in England apparently. After all, non-conformity is a term applied in the UK to Protestant churches that do not belong to the Church of England, an arrangement created by the Act of Uniformity of 1662. This non-conforming church structure applied in America will facilitate the taxing of churches to help support establishment schools and hospitals. Gone are the days when individual Christians have any voice in the government or eligibility for work at establishment schools and hospitals unless they want to join the Established Church. It sounds very convenient for Catholics but not so convenient for us real Christians who compose the invisible church. I sort of remember someone saying something like this.

Monday, May 21, 2012

An Open Letter to Jeff Hittenberger

Jeff, that was so obnoxious the way you spread lies about me and distorted what I said to you on the bus back from MK Retreat and made everyone think that I claimed to be participating in the daily lunch fasts when actually I was only telling you that some people were doing that, not necessarily me. For personals reasons that I prefer not to discuss fasting in a public forum with those obnoxious people. I don't appreciate your smearing my name all over the place and ruining all my relationships on that basis. Obviously, lying and cheating is the way that little MK brats like you get ahead in the world of wicked psychobabble. Just thought I should make my voice heard on this point even though you and your wicked family obviously are owned lock stock and barrel by the wicked rich people, the snooty Rockefellers and such who send dish out those gigantic paycheck pledges. You wicked boys always win because poor MK girls like me always lose. That is just the game you wicked people play because you only care about impressing the rich potential doners and making yourself look good in their eyes, not necessarily about doing the right thing for the right reasons. It is only recently that we learned of your bratty little sister's decision to drop out of Christian life and burn in hell with the Democractic Party's Rockefeller powers that be. Upon learning of this, I must say that I am less than impressed with the utterly snooty and arrogant pretensions of the dirt-poor hillbilly Hittenbergers upon being ushered into the upper echelons of wealth and power. I have never set foot in West Virginia-Haiti and had no plans to go there, nor have I ever had the slightest interest in learning more about the Rockefellers let alone the Hittenbergers and their braggadocious sons so dependent on the largesse of David Wilkerson for college tuition funding as we all know because only you guys were involved in ministry during high school and thus deserve it. The rest of us MKs mostly diddled away our high school years playing tiddly winks apparently. It is not like your richy-rich snooty benefactors would ever do worthless persons like me any favors, obviously. It is becoming obvious that only the wickedly leftist Rockefeller connections may succeed in your playbook so it has become necessary for us to point out that you are working for the devil now. It really wasn't necessary to emphasize this point so dramatically but since you insist, so be it.

1977 Diary Tidbits 1

Feb. 10: "Mike Patterson came with a friend to get the aid he brot me to try. When he learned mine had not come back yet from being repaired he left his here until I got mine."
Feb. 13: "When she got back we all went across town to Ceasers for dinner, Suzanne’s treat. It was between 8 & 9 when we got home.
Feb. 16: "After supper looked at snakes on TV for a half hour, then at mountaineers among animals and he helped an injured Indian and they became friends. Then I ready history of Matthew. Now it’s about time for bath and bed."
Feb. 25: "Letter from Anita, Lydia had bad fall that made her teeth cut her lip." 
Feb. 26: "After 10 Julia had some real estate callers coming so we went out by the lagoon until they were gone. I worked a lot on my needlepoint."
Special Data: Laurie Butterfield married to Steve Goetchius Feb. 1st.
Mar. 5: "Julia had carpet cleaners here this afternoon. We sat out in dining room until they finished. George came to fix drapes. I don’t know what the trouble (is). Before 6 we three went to “Sharon’s” restaurant for dinner. Julia stopped in at Esther’s on way home. Ralph came out and talked to Elna and I, then he went across the street and Julia came out and we came home."
Mar. 12: "I failed to get my walk today so I’ll do it inside. Elna found a lot of quilt material I forgot I had so I’ll get busy — or try to — make a crib built. I guess I spoke when I should have been silent so things are very quiet around here for last couple hours."

Mar. 24: "After lunch we went to Esther’s to see about yarn and Esther had a perfect match for the crib quilt. Cynthia and children were there. She is doing the paper hanging."
Mar. 25: "I wanted to work on quilt but could not find a needle big enough to thread the yarn for trying."
Apr. 2:  "The church having rummage sale today supposedly in parking lot: but looked like might rain so only the plants with Esther in charge were there."
Apr. 14: "Finally I asked Ralph to phone to see if Julia home at 10 PM. They were home and Ralph took me home. I met these Southwells for first time. They left for their motel shortly after and we off to bed."
Apr. 22: "After lunch did the last of putting in ties and managed to tie one using my teeth." 
Apr. 23: "I went to Longs and Fedmart this afternoon and read in between everything."
May 7: "When I went to look at the flowers on vine on north side fence a hummingbird poised for about five seconds two feet from my forehead. I thought he was doing to light on my head." 
May 12: "I had a nap. Then we prepared to go to Audrey’s (in San Diego) for bridal shower for Diane Maxon. It was all very nice. She received nice and practical gifts. After shower Audrey served cake and punch. Then we went to Suzanne’s to see her kitchen floor linoleum. Very lovely. She is slowly but surely getting her house in order. We arrived home before 11 PM.
May 18: "I got Daniel Maxon address, also Darlene’s. Now I walk a bit and read. After supper I took another walk. The fuschias are going to be lovely. Now I hope for a right TV. Watched TV 7:30 to 8:15, then went to the game. Now it is about time for bath and bed." 
May 24: "At 6 PM left for a dinner at Vista at Susan’s restaurant where a crowd met to hear Bob. It was quite interesting. Home by 10:10 and off to bed in a hurry." 
June 4: "Sat in patio long time to get hair dry after almost an hour under dryer. TV 6:15 to 7. Getting animals in Africa. Saw them catch two pythons and one zebra and shove him into a truck. Had a good dinner and will soon play game." 
June 9: "While at Susie’s her cat jumped in my lap and went to sleep. At last “Pretty Girl” is friendly to me." 
June 16: " Julia left after supper, went I don’t know where but is going to Ventura tomorrow, intends to be back here Sunday afternoon. Julia gave me a key and I was so glad for a visit with Mrs. Johnson." 
June 17: "Had a nice walk and some time at the lagoon. Saw a long train go north."  
June 26: "About 6:30 came Ariel, Evelyn and Daniel. Then we had dinner and visited until 9 PM when they went home. It was so so good to see them again. May not see them here again until after August when they plan a trip to Holland." 
June 29: "Around 1 o’clock we three went to the Senior Citizens office and got our blood pressure taken. Today three men instead of women did the taking. Mine better than last time I was there."

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Enemy Cast

Why am I always cast as the enemy? I don't even know why those people hate me so much, all those ominous mutterings about chopping off my head. They expect me to appear on time at choir rehearsal like a lamb herded into the slaughterhouse. It makes one afraid to even go to church just to congregate with a bunch of people who don't like me and would rather see me dead than save my soul. Obviously, Pastor Max has me confused with someone else, probably Susie or Miriam, both names also appearing in the diaries although that's a different story, but anyway there is no way to operate on these sick minds all so caught up in some insignificant drama of no consequence in my estimation, perhaps trying to reenact some ancient Scottish scenario of which I understand very little and which may or may not have anything to do with anything that my direct ancestors did or knew anything about. I am not standing in the way of anyone's receiving the promise of the Holy Spirit if they really have the desire and seek it. Robert is the one who has cooked up this theory that white women like myself are an obstacle that must be removed so that all the local brown people can succeed but really I think that Robert is just wickedly cruel and has a cold heart made of stone. Where is the Christian love in this bleak scenario? Is not Christian love the sign of the Holy Spirit? It seems that Robert is being driven by some other hateful spirit of that I know nothing of nor do I care to know more about. I do love God but I really don't love that man enough to allow him to chop off my head. Besides, Jesus already did that so that I don't have to.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Did I Lie?

Somewhere online I read that Mary Boddy wrote or co-wrote the book, "The Laying on of Hands," but on second glace I see that only her husband's name appears on the book's cover so maybe I got confused. Which figures. For one thing, when did I ever claim to be perfect? Also, when do women ever get any credit when co-writing with husbands? And anyway, he was the vicar and minister, not she, so really he is the one who would be responsible for the theological statements of such a doctrinal dissertation as this whoever did write it so he should really get the credit or lack thereof. Also, another important factor to notice is that the book is written in 1895, long before the Boddy's participation in the Pentecostal revival. The question of whether they would have liked to rewrite the book later in light of the Pentecostal movement is not asked.

A Tangled Knot

I am being told that there is a connection between Catherine Marshall (1914-1983), a leading figure of the charismatic movement in addition to being a novelist, and Mary Boddy (d. 1926), wife of the Anglican vicar who was basically the founder of Pentecostalism in Britain and herself an author of at least one book, "The Laying on of Hands," which is a mash of Anglican doctrines posing a problematic riddle to American Pentecostals of the Non-Conforming persuasion since time immemorial. I don't see any connection between these two widely disparate figures but apparently some people think there is one even if only in their own minds. Obviously there is no prominent character named "Mary Boddy" in the novel "Christy," only a character "Alice" based loosely on the real-life wealthy mission volunteer Mary Alice Warren, so I really don't see it. After all, Mary Boddy was a real life person, a religious woman who prayed for the sick when doctors despaired and they received their healing even when she herself was an invalid in her later years. Mary Boddy was an Anglican vicar's wife and had two daughters, Mary and Jane. In Marshall's fictional account "Christy" there is no prayer for the sick, only a certain doctor, Dr. Neil MacNeill, who, after years of medical study, returns to the hills of West Virginia to provide health care in his own familiar way as a native son of the Scottish Highlanders who migrated there generations earlier. Where is this doctor in the real life Tennessee village where Catherine Marshall's father ministered? According to Wikipedia sources, the doctor was a wholly fictional invention of Marshall's mind. Now I am not one to knock the benefits of medical care as I may need it someday, not being able myself to predict the future and anyway God did not give us brains to use only as hatracks, as my Dad always says, but I suppose that it would be hard for Marshall to frame spiritual healing in fictional terms. For one thing, who can say what God will do, whether to heal or not to heal? Also, it is so typical of these affluently snooty arrogant mainline charismatics to look down their noses in their condescending way at the early Pentecostals who laid the groundwork for the spiritual awakenings of the 20th century. Many of the early Pentecostals were actually 19th century people still full of formalities and language usages that now sound so quaint and peculiar to our modern ears. Also, in the early years of Pentecostalism there were no denominational organizations to institutionalize church practices and doctrines, which is partly why there was a lot of confusion. My great-grandparents went as missionaries to China before the creation of the Assemblies of God denomination and much had changed when they returned to California in 1917. While they were in China they may have worked alongside missionaries who were British among other nationalities and denominations, including Anglicans. Nobody really knows exactly, all of those people being dead now, but Mary's husband, the Anglican vicar Alexander A. Boddy, published a monthly magazine, "Confidence," chronicling the travels and ministries of the British Pentecostal missionaries in China and elsewhere. I really don't know of any connection of the Anglican Boddy's to my great-grandparents but some people have vivid imaginations. My grandmother mentioned that she attended British schools while an MK in Hong Kong. Our family was never Anglican, only American Pentecostal, but perhaps some Presbyterians imagine themselves the only Non-Conforming Church of America. In Britain, the Pentecostal movement is somehow tied to the Anglican Church which is headed by the monarchs of England. In America, Pentecostals are scattered among various denominational organizations and also independent churches and ministries. The charismatic movement came later, in the 1960s, but those Johnny-come-latelies disdained the earlier Pentecostals as too nerdy for them, preferring to disappear into the faded wallpaper of stodgy of old mainline churches than to associate with us geeky denominatioanl Pentecostals. However, if we Pentecostals do not understand the doctrinal implications of these movements, how can we say that we are in control of our future? There are many good things in Mary Boddy's book, and yet she speaks of the "laying on of hands" as an ordinance required for confirmation into the Anglican church. She says that it would be a good thing if persons are filled with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit at the time of their confirmation as Anglicans, but obviously some people are closed to that possibility. No insult intended to the Anglican Church, but the Assemblies of God would not see that as a biblical view of the "laying on of hands." Cut-and-pasted from the AG website, this would be generally speaking the American Pentecostal position on the "laying on of hands": "In the Assemblies of God we believe neither the laying on of hands nor anointing with oil is indispensable for healing, for often in Scripture healing takes place without either. But at times the touch of a praying person and the application of oil are an encouragement to faith, and such a practice is enjoined by Scripture (James 5:14-16)." Thus, we see that the laying on of hands is encouraged as a Scriptural practice often reflected in cases of healing, but there is no stated requirement to join the Anglican church of the UK as opposed to the AG church or some other Christian church of whatever denomination.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Terror Suspects

I have never had the slightest thought of being involved in terrorism so it baffles the mind that Marxist guerrilla anarchists Conchita and Toño Mejía could go around saying all kinds of lies about me that actually are not true. I don't even have the foggiest idea what they are talking about. I tried to be nice when we went to their house for a party, or else during some church event, I don't quite recall the details, but they are the ones who had been at the university and watched the police shooting at protestors, not me. I don't remember who exactly was talking about that or how they could describe these things in such a detailed way, the student bodies dropping like mangoes or some such fruit, unless they were right there involved in the thick of things that I know nothing about. I am just saying that I heard someone talking about this. Other than that, I don't know anything.

Catherine Marshall Books

At this time, I do not find on my bookshelves any books by Catherine Marshall. That is because either I read those books in El Salvador and they were given away when we left the country or else I read them later here in the U.S. and later gave them away. I enjoyed reading her books but I do not claim to be an expert on Catherine Marshall. I leave that distinction to Lurleen Trittin, a missionary wife who was stationed here in South Florida many years ago but now lives in Kansas with her parents, her missionary husband Paul now living in Chicago with his gay lover, or so we heard by way of the grapevine. Lurleen mentioned having helped organize an event at which Catherine Marshall was a speaker. I remember Lurleen saying some derogatory things about Catherine Marshall but I really don't remember specifically what she said, just something about the author being extremely introverted in personality as authors sometimes are and that the event organizers were somewhat unhappy with her for some reason that did not understand. I always enjoyed reading her books so it doesn't matter to me.


Yes, I think it is extremely ridiculous to have Max Yeary here pretending to be a Presbyterian pastor. We all know that his brother Steve is the presbyter, not him, and in Southern California district, not Florida. Thus, we are not fooled by this pretentious deference to Christie who is actually nothing but a screechy-voiced little bitch married to that creepy little Confederate twerp from Alabama, one who never had anything intelligent to say that I recall and always was a lousy violin player, so typical of those unaccredited Southeastern whiners. Fame is not calling them, obviously. We heard that many of the Yeary followers have flocked to the Smoky Mountains to audition for roles in the "Christy" show. Didn't they hear that the TV show already had its run and was canceled long ago? Besides, Sue Klein-Craig cannot hold a candle to actress Kellie Martin who was clearly the best and most appropriate choice and did a great job in the role. I suppose that if you were born and raised in the Smoky Mountains you would not want everyone on the planet to think that you were not the crazy old mountain witch described by Catherine Marshall. On the other hand, if you were a trashy mountain slut like Wendy you cannot be allowed to dump on complete strangers like me just because you think there might be a problem someday that you created for yourself in the first place. It's just not right. I didn't do anything to her.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Diary Tidbit

October 11, 1976: "Breakfast at 8:15. Had a good nite’s rest. Got caught on my reading and “seek and find” program. Took a walk at 11. Took a rest from 2:30 to 3:30. Took walk at 5."

The Unforgivable Sin

Yes, I suppose that it is possible that I may have committed the unforgivable sin without even knowing it. I have discussed this possibility with persons on more than one occasion, I seem to recall. I have a tendency to suffer from bouts of foot-in-mouth disease in which I suddenly find myself in these problematic situations without meaning to get there. There is no remedy for these situations and so I grow weary of being sent on these futile and unproductive guilt trips. Perhaps those little bratty offspring of wicked witch mothers hasve chosen not to forgive me, but in the whole scheme of things their opinions really don't matter and are of no consequence. Only God's Word matters and God is always gracious and merciful toward me even though I am a sinner. God loves me and sent His Son Jesus the Savior to die on the cross for me. Thus, I can boldly go into the throne room of God and demand that the tables be turned on my wicked persecutors because they just go too far.

Christy Study Notes

I thought that the novel "Christy" was an interesting read in high school but not something to explore any further. Ok, so maybe Catherine Marshall fictionalized some things about the small town in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee but I really would not be able to separate fact from fiction. It really would not matter to me one way or another because as far as I am concerned the novel is all fiction, including the fictional character named Alice Henderson, a single woman whose story is sad and a bit tawdry, whose daughter out of wedlock Margaret ran away to become a dancer in some squalid speakeasy. Perhaps the Hoskins family knows something that I don't know about Christy's Alice but I only remember the Alice of Miami who was the receptionist at Vida Publishers years ago and whose story does not match that of Alice Henderson that I know of. I never had any personal connection to wealthy author Catherine Marshall and her high-powered Washington connections, only read some of her books, including the one about her first husband Peter Marshall and also the book "Something More" which is about the charismatic movement. Perusing the Wikipedia article about author Catherine Marshall I see that her father was Pastor John Wood, a Presbyterian. I suppose that some inquiring minds would would want to know whether the novelist is a distant cousin to Pastor George Wood, who is not an author of bestselling fiction that I know of but is the superintendent of the Assemblies of God denomination. This is not a question that ever crossed my mind until recently but anyway these Presbyterians have an odd way of tripping all over themselves trying to explore these trivial pursuits that really in the whole scheme of things mean absolutely nothing that I know of. It is just all fiction.

Diary Tidbits: Reading "Christy"

I only read the novel "Christy" by Catherine Marshall one time during high school so I do not remember very much about it. I also read a few other books by Catherine Marshall. So many books, so little time which is probably why I almost never read a book twice. Great-grandmother, however, apparently read the novel "Christy" at least three times that we know of so far so she really "owns" the prize for finishing the novel "Christy" more time than I ever would.


February 15: "Just finished lunch when Mrs. … from next door came over with a letter to show the Colonel. Before she got away Suzanne came with beautiful red heart-shaped box of See’s candy. She visited until Julia returned from the hairdressers. Then she took me to Fordland and Mayfair and home. It is raining most of the way. After she left I vacuumed, finished reading “Christy.” Just before I finished supper Ralph came in few minutes and we had game of dominoes. I am coughing and sneezing too much."


April 5: "Had a miserable nite, very little sleep. Couldn’t see the time even with my glasses and call Elna one-half hour too early. Rained in the nite. I wonder what this day will bring. Started to read a book named “Christy.” Very interesting."

April 6: "Slept from about 11 until near 5 this morning. Catnapped until went to bathroom. Been reading in the book “Christy,” life among the poor in Smoky Mountains. Mid-afternoon lost balance and fell down in middle of the bedroom but no bones broken but a strain that hurts when I walk."

April 7:
"Julia came by for me about 2 PM and took me to Doctor Curtin. He looked at my eyes and said was doing fine, no more drops and return in two weeks. Then we came home via Penny’s. Read in the book “Christy.” Had one game and off to bed around 10 PM."

April 8: "Julia took me to WMC at 10 and came for me at 12. Had a nap and a walk and read the “Christy” book. It is so interesting."

April 12: "Awake at 6:30. Up at 7+ after a good nite. Had a walk outside. Read most of the day. Finished the “Christy” book. One game after 8 PM."

Sep. 23: "Julia took me to WMC about 9:30 and came for me at 12. So glad I could go. After lunch I started to read a book entitled, “Christy” by Catherine Marshall. At page 26 I stopped reading and went for a nap.

Sep. 24:
"Breakfast just after 8. Read a lot in Bible, newspaper, and “Christy.” Took a walk. Nap before lunch."

Sep. 27: "Slept good. Wrote a letter to Norfolk, Va. Read the paper. Worked on dress unsuccessfully. Took a walk outside. Nap. Had one game after supper. Will own read in “Christy.” "

Oct. 1: "Breakfast 8:30. Had a walk in forenoon. Worked on green dress. Finished reading “Christy.” Read paper. Had a nap."

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Even more Diary Tidbits from 1976

Jan. 27: "In afternoon Dan’s friend Debbie came to see us and we had a game of transograms." (this probably does not refer to Audrey's daughter Debby.)

May 30: …"When I awakened here were Cynthia, Steve, Aaron and Steve’s parents. We became acquainted and I had nice little visit with Cynthia. Then Ralph took Aaron and I for a ride. They went to feed the ducks, then went by Joe’s — no one home."…

June 30: "Mid-afternoon Ralph said, “I am going to see my dad — do you want to go along?” I said yes so we went to San Marcos. Ralph invited him, Ralph Jr., to go along and went to Escondido and around in the countryside. A very pleasant ride."

Aug. 2: "Had expected Ralph Jr. over to play game or two but he was helping Ralph Sr. with the yard work. Now I’ll go play a game. Just got nicely started when in came the two Ralphs. I invited senior to play but he said no so junior and I had a game of dominoes at which I won, then a game of anagrams at which Ralph Jr. won. Then watched TV a bit. Then I go excused and they left after 10 and I got to bed."

Sep. 20: "Joe came and brot us some figs. I hear you picked them and got stung by bees. I am very sorry about that. Read paper and book and had a game."

More Diary Tidbits from 1976

July 8: "Julia took me to WMC. On the way someone ran into the car and gave us a big jolt and bent the fender. She came for me after 12 and took me to Esther’s. After lunch the three of us had a rest. When I awakened the girls, Candi and René, were home from shopping. Little later Harold and Betty came from Pasadena where they went this AM for meeting concerning the missionary work. Then Ralph said, “I am going to take my father home. Do you want to go?” So Candi and I went along for ride. Had a good lunch and dinner. Julia came for me around 10 an we got home after 11. Candi played Chinese checkers with me. So did Ralph."

July 14: "Up and had breakfast and ready to go to Esther’s by 7:30. Betty came for me. Elna left for her day off and Julia did not come home Tuesday nite because Gil much worse. Had nice time there. Candi likes word games but had not played anagrams so we play two games of anagrams and one of tranograms before bedtime. René slept in Esther’s bed and gave me hers because hers was better for me (lower frame)."

(I can't say that I don't like word games to some degree although certainly not all the time. That was probably the only time I ever played anagrams, which was great-grandmother's game. Transograms gets even more complicated. I haven't ever had a chance to really learn those games because I don't have them at my house and don't know anybody who likes to play word games that much. Anyway, I still have not solved my Rubik's cube without looking at the cheat sheet so there is a limit to how far this riddle thing is going to work if you were expecting me to be the genius to solve all problems. Sorry.)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Diary: June 11, 1976

" In the evening came Ralph, Esther, Harold, Betty, Candi and René. We got acquainted again after their five years absence in El Salvador."

Diary Tidbits-1976

January 26: " Prepared four birthday cards and hope to get them mailed tomorrow. Hope to also read in the book, “Between your Status and Your Quo.” 

Which reminds me of the high school musical drama, "The Stranger," in which I starred as the Captain who was always griping about needing to maintain the status quo. Not that I would know anything about the book.

Diary 1976

May 3: " Late afternoon Audrey, George, Chris, and a strange man were here for one-half hour."

Diaries 1976

January 26: ..."Evelyn gone to dentist with Dan. He is going to have his teeth straightened."

I too had braces but mine were already removed by 1976, if I remember rightly. 

Which reminds me of the story I have told of the time when I was 5 or 6 years old in San Bernardino and a guy in my Dad's youth group was explaining to me the braces on his teeth. He said that they were train tracks and that when he slept at night a little train goes round and round in his head. So that was an interesting story to hear at age 5 but obviously not something that I would be fooled by later.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Eric Liddell

Almost everyone that I know of saw the 1981 movie "Chariots of Fire" featuring the life of Eric Liddell who was an Olympic athlete, winner of the men's 400-meter at the Summer Olympics of 1924 in Paris. Although Liddell, the "Flying Scotsman," later went as a missionary to China he really is not typical of such missionaries. Even now he is remembered by the public mainly as the Olympic athlete who also was a missionary to China. I would agree that this type of athletic renown makes for a great Hollywood movie even though Olympic renown is not necessarily a requirement of missionary service. Lots of missionaries devoted their entire lives to service in a foreign country lacking any particular sporting talents and having no ambition other than to minister to the peoples to whom they had been called. Sometimes God uses just "ordinary people," as the song goes. The fact that Eric was an Olympic athlete on top of it makes his story somewhat better suited for big screen publicity than the run-of-the-mill missionary lacking celebrity contacts and sporting glories. Still, the big screen hype detracts from the fact that actually many missionaries were unsung heroes even though they probably never will be portrayed on the big screen. Certainly it is hard for me to understand the fascination that some people have with missionaries when it really is just a lot of hard work. The bugs. The heat. The food. Yuk! In today's culture full of books and movies it might be easy to be misled into thinking that being famous is the goal but it's really not. The "Chariots of Fire" movie sort of distorts the message but anyway that's Hollywood for you. That's how people think nowadays thanks to movies.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Of course I can't go to England to look up all of those rare books. Duh! And what rich benefactor is going to pay for this assigned wheelchair? And how would I ever get through customs with this "Disability" stamped all over my passport in BIG, BOLD letters? And why would I want to do that anyway? Surely there are many erudite scholars well equipped to study these matters without any help from me. There is no reason why I should go to any great lengths to restate these basic and obvious facts that everyone already knows anyway. Duh!

South Carolina

There is no need for me to mention that I have no personal connection to anyone or anything in the state of South Carolina that I know of. Interestingly, some time back in the 1950s or 1960s my great-grandmother in her diaries mentions driving across country and visiting some relatives in South Carolina. But then later Uncle Ben's family is mentioned living in Northern California or Alaska so I don't know what she meant by that.

Friday, May 11, 2012

More Diary Tidbits from 1975

January 6: " Mrs. Bowen came to give me bath and shampoo this time in the shower where George had fixed it convenient."

February 9: " Jim and Virginia came about noon to take me to Chinese dinner at the Red Dragon. It was delicious and I enjoyed it much. The place changed hands since I was there last summer with Julia and Gil. I think Chinese are running it now.
March 18: "  In afternoon Julia took me for a ride in wheelchair to a little park on corner of Laguna Drive and Carlsbad Bouevard. It was so pretty there, full of white daisies. I never had been there before, only whizzed by in car and did not know much about it."
May 5: " Went to Day House. Mary Olive with me. Worked on my engine, got it done all but the smoke (Ha!). Home by 4:15 PM.
June 15: " Had the Dick Warren adopted Mexican boy dedicated, also someone honored for Father’s Day, I couldn’t see who it was."

July 7: " Julia took me for a long ride to Fedmart and to El Camino where we got a new cell in my watch so now it runs."
July 13: " Their beautiful 8-year-old cat sits by Mr. Marshall on a chair and is fed by him. This cat behaves. Never offers to get on table. It wants another bit, puts his paw on edge of table." 

July 14: "  The Hunts stopped here inviting me to go to Esther’s with them. I thought it was for a call, proved to be for dinner."