Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Which Reminds Me

Oh, I don't remember, was Cheryl an incubator baby? At the missionary kid school it was just Cheryl and I in the fourth grade, but she is gone now and my long-term memories of that are mostly a blur. The next year the Stewarts returned, Sammy and Susie, and then there were four of us the same age, Cheryl and Susie and Sammy and I. Well, I can't speak for the Stewarts, but at least we were grateful for the lunches that our mothers provided for us, being trained at an early age to pray and say grace before eating our lunch of usually a sandwich that mother got up very early in the morning to prepare and also maybe a Thermos of juice or milk or something else to drink and maybe a piece of fruit or a piece of cake. When someone brought a Hershey bar to school, some people were inclined to trade their whole lunch away for such a treat, but I never did that. Oh, was I supposed to feel guilty about eating the lunch assigned to me?